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Netflix Reviews

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  • Netflix streaming videos

    Tonight I couldn't, as a customer, get any of the videos in my streaming queue to work. So I finally called Netflix and they said they had a problem with Panasonic BluRay streaming players and their engineers were working on it. Why they can not post a simple stateement to that effect is beyond me. They also removed a very good Danish TV series called The Protectors while I was in the middle of watching it without any notice at all. Just gone, and substituted another series, an older one, with the same name starring Robert Vaughn. I sense no system of communicating with customers,... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    OCRez's Picture   OCRez    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    Last month I wanted to switch plan at the account page from instant view to home DVD shipping, but there was no way to do it, so I click on the plan to ship and decided to click on cancel instant view right away so I would not be charge for both, but it did not work, So I called customer service the next day, after explaining customer service for 30 minutes what I wanted, she did not want to help, in fact she helped me leaning toward cancelling shipping service as well, I wanted to give a Netflix another chance, but The lady on the other line (Netflix ) helped make my decision, She even... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    jhbueno7's Picture   jhbueno7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not sign up

    I have been a customer since Dec 2004. I mailed 2 dvd's back on Friday and realized today I hadn't received any new dvd's. Went to their website and seen that my account was put on hold, no notification from them or anything. I called and ended up having to talk to a supervisor who informed me that my account was put on hold October 21 because they were investigating that out of last 3 months I reported not receiving 2 of the dvd's they said they mailed BUT THEY WENT AHEAD & CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON OCTOBER 22 FOR OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 22. I asked him why am I being... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    stitchfamc's Picture   stitchfamc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gift Cards

    My husband and I have had gift cards before from Netflix and had no problems. I am now telling everyone I know as well as posting it on facebook to never give anyone a netflix card. We were given the gift cards when netflix was 8.99 a month and you could get DVD's in the mail as well as watching online. Then the whole change happened and we chose a plan but here is where the problems began. We had three gift cards. You have to wait until one card runs out before adding the new one. But when it runs out, they bill you first for the difference and then you can add the next gift... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    pinkdolphin62's Picture   pinkdolphin62    0 Comments   Comments
  • No transparency

    Netflix is demanding that I agree to terms of service which I have already done when signing up originally. They have obviously changed something in their agreement but I don’t know what it is. I spoke with their customer service department and they couldn’t tell me what had changed. I was instructed to re-read the multi, multi, multi page agreement when the customer service representative realized that the changes were not highlighted or otherwise identified. Now when I log on to the site they are threatening to make me cancel my service if I don’t agree – how sleazy. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    4k4k4k4k's Picture   4k4k4k4k    0 Comments   Comments


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